Ayr Gold Cup Runners 2014

The Ayr Gold Cup Runners will feature the full list of entries for the 2014 race for punters to study before making their all-important bet for the race, as the field gets whittled down we will have all the news on the runners right here. We will have all the jockey bookings for the race as soon as they are released along with the trainer so all the information will be right here at your fingertips.

There are allowed to be a maximum of 27 runners in the Ayr Gold Cup and they will be the top 27 horses entered who are carrying the most weight, the second 27 runners in the weights will drop down into the Ayr Silver Cup which is run the day before the big race. The third 27 runners in the weights will race in the Ayr Bronze Cup which was only introduced in 2009 and will return in 2010 after being deemed a success.

Also here will be those important stall numbers for each horse following the Ayr Gold Cup Draw which is seen as absolutely vital for the chances of a potential winner, will it be high or low that is favoured in 2014?

Ayr Gold Cup Runners 2014

Awaiting Runners.............